当社は1969年9月に設立、台湾・インドネシア・アメリカ・ドバイ・シンガポール・中国・香港・英国に本社を置く海外のメーカーから、輸入タイヤ(NANKANG、ATR-RADIAL、HIFLY、ZEETEX、RADAR、NAXTREK、MINERVA、DAVANTIなど)とVerthandi、LUXALESなどオリジナルホイールを直輸入し、1999年より開始したインターネット通販AUTOWAY LOOP及びYAHOOオークション・YAHOOショッピング、楽天市場、Amazonなどに出店し、お客様に驚きの低価格で提供しています。



当社は北海道・関東・中京・九州に自社倉庫を展開させ、80万本を超える豊富な在庫でカーユーザーの幅広いニーズに応えています。ホイール販売はこの5年で急成長を遂げ、2018年4月関東倉庫を増設、国内自動車メーカーが採用する『ホイール全自動組込機』を導入しました。 そして、リテール部門の直営店舗は、福岡店・北九州空港店・宗像店・熊本店の4店舗を展開、福岡を中心に地元ユーザーの期待に応えています。販促プロモーション(TVCM・ラジオ・新聞・各媒体など)では、当社のタグライン『タイヤはネットで安く買う・輸入タイヤ通販オートウェイ』を訴求し、高品質と低価格を追求しています。これからも役員・社員が一丸となって協力し、全てのお客様に信頼され、選ばれるAUTOWAYブランドの構築を目指してまいります。

代表取締役社長 倉元 進

We, AUTOWAY, have imported tires (NANKANG, ATR-RADIAL, HIFLY, ZEETEX, RADAR, MAXTREK, MINERVA, DAVANTI etc.) and wheels (Verthandi, LUXALES etc.) Directly from overseas manufactures such as Taiwan ,Indonesia, The United States, Dubai, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UK, ever since our establishment in 1969 and we offer the products for a lower price in our e-commerce site ”AUTOWAY LOOP” and the other e-commerce site , YAHOO Auction,YAHOO Shopping, Rakuten and Amazon etc.

We have sold more than 25,000,000 products as of March 2020 and our sales result are the best in Japan. And since we established Corporate Sales Department in 2014, we have expanded customer base to wide range of businesses, such as used car dealers,car repair shops, Japan used car dealers association, and auto auction members.
In addition, we have launched the shop search of tire fitting “Tire Pit” with its standardize price of tire fitting and convenience in order to satisfy our users since 2015.
At the moment, the number of Tire Pit member shops has increased to 2,500.
Futhermore we are doing the business ,” Autoway Satellite Shop ” which hang out the Autoway’s Sign.

We have more than 800,000 units of sufficient inventory in our warehouses (Hokkaido, Kanto, Chukyo, Kyushu) and wide range of product line up to meet the needs of car users.
The sales of wheel have grown most rapidly since 5 years. Due to that, we installed a facility with automatic assembly machine and established more Kanto warehouse in April 2018.
We have 4 company shops (Fukuoka store, Kitakyushu airport store, Munakata store, Kumamoto store) to live up to customer’s expectations.

Based on our slogan,” We can get for a low price on the internet. Speaking of the online shopping of import tire, it is AUTOWAY ”, we develop the effective ad campaign with TV commercial , radio, newspaper advertisement etc.
From now on, we, AUTOWAY, strive for high quality, low price, large selection of goods, promit delivery and as one, aim to build our brand that all car users and customers can choose reliable products on the internet without worry.

Sincerely yours,
Susumu KURAMOTO, President
May 2020